Healthcare A.I.

Healthcare A.I. is only one part of a bigger and much broader field of Artificial Intelligence fondly referred to as AI. Many people do not really know what A.I. is an how it works. They only have a surface level understanding of the technology and what it does, could do, or might do. But who is to blame them. A.I. is a broad and deep aspect of technology with multilayered and complex aspects to it.

So what is it? artificial intelligence (AI)  can be defined as the ability of a machine or a computer program to think, learn and act on its own. The field of artificial intelligence (AI) revolves around building machines that can carry out these activities. For a machine to act in a  manner that's considered intelligence, it has to be able to interact with its environment, take in information and use that information to provide more information and make decisions. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad concept and the field is still grappling with what can be classified artificial intelligence (AI)  and what can’t. Because of this the term has been falsely used and misused and a lot of things are often mistaken as artificial intelligence (AI).

History Healthcare A.I.

In order to understand the history of Healthcare A.I. we must first discuss the history of artificial intelligence. The term “Artificial Intelligence” can be first traced back to the 1950s specifically 1956 when a researcher in Stanford called John McCarthy came up with the term and classified it as a field within computer science. The history of Healthcare A.I. comes from the field of artificial intelligence being broad enough to be applied to health sciences and to be merged with existing technology within the healthcare field.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Anyone who uses Apple’s products must be familiar with Siri. Siri gets activated with the push of a button or a voice prompt and can be asked to carry out basic tasks within a mobile phone or computer device. You can ask Siri to tell you what the weather is, tell you the date, dial a number on your phone, add an item to your shopping list, open an app, and even listen to a song and tell you the name of the song. Siri uses machine learning technology to get smarter and understand commands better and get used to a person's voice and requests.


Healthcare A.I.

Alexa functions like Siri but it’s owned by Amazon and offers broader options. It is used in the home and can carry out tasks and decipher speech in a household. You can ask Alexa to buy products directly from Amazon's website for you, schedule appointments, set alarms, turn off the lights, play movies etc the options of things Alexa can do is a long list.

In addition to Alexa, Amazon also has and uses artificial intelligence technology on its main website The AI algorithm does a good job at predicting what an individual might be interested in purchasing and then making recommendations based on those items. This software has made the company lots and lots of money in sales. Understanding customer behavior is a priceless asset for e-commerce companies because it helps them make more sales.


Tesla and Elon Musk have become synonymous names with groundbreaking technology. Tesla is one of the few automobile companies that offer artificial intelligence options in cars. Artificial intelligence manifests in self-driving features, parking assists, the predictability of oncoming vehicles while driving and many other options. The goal is to make the vehicles get smarter and smarter.


Cogito is a customer service or customer support software that helps to improve the customer interactions with phone representatives or customer service personnel who offer services over the phone. There are millions of voice call occurring daily in the customer service industry and sometimes it can be overwhelming for customer service representatives and also for customers. This artificial intelligence technology helps improve the quality of interaction and help subsequently to improve customer satisfaction.


Netflix continues to grow rapidly and almost everyone at this point uses Netflix. The predictive technology of Netflix helps to suggest movies to users based on past preferences or previous reactions to movies or TV shows. The technology gets smarter and continues to make more accurate predictions and suggestions. There is always room for improvement.


Pandora is a music app that lets customers listen to select music stations and radios that they choose. The music app is able to analyze the DNA of every song, categorize it, and then recommend it to users or place it in certain radio stations. The pandora artificial intelligence is considered one of the best in the music industry because of how all-encompassing it is.